Make your tea time healthy.

Make your tea time healthy.

Tea time could be a good practice for one’s health.

A lot of moments throughout the day we would like to have a hot cup of tea, while some small changes can make it more heart-healthy.
We’ve been thinking about what we would like people to enjoy on a relaxing day off or for a treat from time to time.
Are you expecting more options to take care of your own wellbeing?

Here we bring you a tea-time idea that is considered to be a combination of both health and taste - Asian Non-Caffeine Herbal Tea Set.

Naturally caffeine free and deeply nourishing.


What’s included in This Tea Set?

The Asian Non-Caffeine Herbal Tea Set includes EAT BEAU-TEA ~My Favorite Things~, Annin Beau-Tea and Haw Sticks, all sourced from Kampo (the Traditional Chinese herbalism).

EAT BEAU-TEA ~My Favorite Things~


EAT BEAU-TEA is designed as an edible tea, which ~My favorite Things~ is made with all girl’s favorite ingredients - black bean, dried jujube (red dates) and longan.🤎
Pour boiling water over ingredients in a cup, let it steep for 1-2 mins. Drink it all in.
Essential nutrients to fuel your day, energy boosting and bring you more beauty.

Annin Beau-Tea


A staple at homes across Asia, this is an unique but typical almond flavored tea without sugar which is also often accompanied by breakfast. 
The tea can hydrate the body, calm sore throats and bring you healthy skin.
Serve with milk for a richer and creamy taste.

Haw Stick


A well-known herb candy usually appears in Chinese apothecaries which is made of hawthorn berry, commonly called hawthorn (Shan Zha) in the East.
It has a sour, slightly sweet taste and can be consumed on a daily basis as the usual tea-time snack, or after-meal dessert. more nutritious for you.

Hawthorn is used in herbal formulas with some positive effects on health including clearing food stagnation, providing natural digestive support and circulation aid.

Make time for tea.

We wish you to look forward to your day now.💓

By DAYLILY • December 2022
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