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Asian Non-Caffeine Herbal Tea Set

Asian Non-Caffeine Herbal Tea Set

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Discover your healthy tea time experience with Asian rituals.

Our top-selling teas and snacks made of tcm herbs are packed together—the herbal tea set is created for wellness, beauty inside out and in need of taking it easily.

Women's Balance
+ Skin Health
Uplift Energy
Mood Enhancing
Blood Tonic
Soothe & Comfort
Digestion Tonic
Self Care & Love

Enjoy the relaxing moment of your days.☕

What's included?

EAT BEAU-TEA ~My Favorite Things~, Annin Beau-tea, Haw Stick

How to use

● EAT BEAU-TEA ~My Favorite Things~

1.) Place 4 black beans, jujubes and 1 longan in a cup.

2.) Pour about 100-120 ml of boiling water.

3.) Leave it as it is for a minute or two, stir it lightly, and you can eat and drink all the contents as well.

● Annin Beau-tea

Pour about 120 ml of hot water or warm milk or soy milk into a tablespoon of apricot powder, stir well, and drink.

● Haw Stick

Recommended 3-4 sticks per day.

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EAT BEAU-TEA ~My Favorite Things~

Edible tea blend of kampo ingredients that can be eaten and drunk, nourishing blood-qi energy flow and for those who feel lack of skin glow.
Good before and after childbirth (Caffeine-Free).

- Product Details: Approx 240g

- Servings: 30 days

- Ingredients: Black Bean, Jujube, Longan

Annin Beau-Tea

Traditional Asian almond tea made from powdered
apricot kernels.
It is known as a health-boosting beverage which you can buy at local herbal apothecary store. Also, more people are familiar with a dessert "Almond Tofu" seen on the restaurant menu.
Apricot kernel has many medicinal functions and as a drink, it is also nutritious for postpartum mothers.

- Product Details: 120g

- Ingredients: Apricot Kernel, Creaming powder (wheat glucose syrup, coconut oil and fat), Processed starch, Flavorings

Haw Stick

The traditional healthy candy made of hawthorn and
low-sugar with tangy sweet taste, supporting digestive health.

- Product Details: Approx.120g

- Ingredients: Hawthorn, Sugar

Introducing Movie

  • Natural Ingredient

  • Non-Caffeine

  • General Wellbeing

  • Quality

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Eating healthy is not only for preserving your health, but also the solution to mind healing, and a lifestyle change for happier living.