About Us

Bringing Out Inner Beauty Through Asian Rituals.

Some days it feels good.⁠ Some days, not so much.⁠
DAYLILY wants to raise people's body temperature and lift their mood with the lifestyle of "Kampo".⁠
We believe that everyone can rely on it to live healthier and happier.
harbal tea
 “We deliver flavored herbal teas and foods backed by Kampo, a general concept based on traditional Chinese medicine.

We aim to make this way of living accessible to everyone.”


We Are

DAYLILY is a herbal lifestyle brand started by one Japanese girl and one Taiwanese girl.

In Taiwan, “Kampo” is not only considered as Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also as a broad concept that taken root in health and beauty, including diet, nutrition, regimen, physical therapies and more.

We desire to make this way of living to every girls and everyone.

With these thoughts in mind, DAYLILY was born and established with basic Kampo’s knowledge and beautifully designed visuals so that people could have easier access to have it in daily diets and lives.



Eri is a Taiwanese girl born in Taipei, and at a young age, she has been taken good care of by her parents who expert Chinese medicine- Kampo.
“Because I have experienced the benefits of Chinese medicine firsthand, I wanted as many people as possible to know how attracted Kampo is.”

Just like her, Kampo has been a part of Asian women during for hundreds of years.



Moe and Eri, originally working for an advertising agency, left their company and founded DAYLILY’s first store in March 2017 inside a Chinese herbal pharmacy in Taipei.

The first store was funded through crowdfunding.

Gradually, Taiwanese people and tourists began to know about us, making us appear in Taiwanese guidebooks and other publications, and we landed in Japan in 2019.

We currently have 3 stores in Tokyo, 2 in Osaka, and 1 in Hakata.


Sister with Kampo

DAYLILY crafts and delivers nourishing herbal blended teas to supplement remedies made of natural ingredients, sourced from Kampo.

Each of DAYLILY’s items is beginner-friendly with simple flavor and taste. Adopt them into your daily diet, feel how your body and mind changes through these Asian rituals. They are also to support you live in balance as a good luck charm to carry with all the time.

We’d like to assist your healthier and happier life in a Kampo way.